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Offsite Backup

Image-Based Offsite Backup Protection

Don't be fooled with File & Folder backups; they only get documents. Think about how much you've spent getting the server setup? Why not protect everything including the Operating System, Applications, Databases, Configurations, and all Documents? The technology is here, you just need to make the call.

SIRKit360™ servers are housed exclusively in Canada.

Protect Your Virtual Servers

SIRKit360™ Offsite Backup is designed to protect virtualized Windows and Linux servers, pretty much any virtualized system running on VMWare or Hyper-V.

Backup the ENTIRE System

Every bit and every block. Forget “file-and-folder” backups, this captures the entire volume. Operating system, applications, configurations, integrated services, data, literally everything; This equates to a faster recovery and prevents having to pay someone to set everything up again.

Low Bandwidth

Block-level backup technology is designed to transfer only the changed content offsite, even if it's a fraction of a file. This equates to significant storage savings, bandwidth reduction, and extended recovery periods.

Granular Recovery

Restore individual files, folders, or full volumes. Also recover Microsoft Exchange down to individual e-mails and SharePoint content stored within SQL Server.

Premium AES-256bit Encryption

All offsite and local backups are protected using extensive encryption. All backups are encrypted before they leave your site. You retain the encryption key for security.

Temporarily virtualize your server with SIRKit during an emergency

You can optionally choose to add a premium service and have SIRKit virtualize your server(s) in our datacenter if a disaster strikes. This will get your team back online while you recover and make other arrangements.

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