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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Don't second guess your web presence.

SIRKit's website development team are experts in making your website visible to the world.

You want people to find your business when they search online. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a structured process where your site is carefully reviewed by a real person against intelligent trends and analytical information.

Your content is compared and validated to ensure it includes accurate keywords and HTML design strategies which generate optimal search results.

One of the most challenging aspects businesses encounter when writing content for a website is the habit to use terms that are generally for industry insiders. The reality is that your clients are searching with layman words and you’re competitors with search engine optimization are taking advantage of your shortfall.

Our SEO strategy for your website

Subheading here about our SEO capabilities for your company’s web presence.

Strategic Analysis of Trending Keywords
SIRKit uses tools and secrets it's staff have gathered over the years in conjunction with their vast industry knowledge to develop the best list of top performing and long tail keywords that will tap the most search volume associated to your industry.

HTML Structure Checks
SIRKit staff have expert level experience crafting HTML structures and with semantics of HTML hierarchy. With this knowledge SIRKit can make strategic behind the scenes edits that will affect how search engines rank your website.

Keyword Density Review
SIRKit staff can help author paragraphs so they still read well to humans but are done in a way that search engines give higher ranking to your pages for the search terms we know will bring the most search volume to your website.

Content Hierarchy
The way in which your content is organized can heavily effect how search engines ranks and rate your content. SIRKit will help develop your content and structure it in a way that will direct traffic to the correct pages and will give search engines a better understanding of your content.

How do search engines work?

Web search engines work by storing information about many web pages, which they retrieve from the HTML markup of the pages. These pages are retrieved by a Web crawler (sometimes also known as a spider) — an automated Web crawler which follows every link on the site. The site owner can exclude specific pages by using robots.txt.

The search engine then analyzes the contents of each page to determine how it should be indexed (for example, words can be extracted from the titles, page content, headings, or special fields called meta tags). Data about web pages are stored in an index database for use in later queries. A query from a user can be a single word. The index helps find information relating to the query as quickly as possible.

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