SIRKit Summit 2018

March 22-25, Canmore AB

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Solara Resort & Spa

Join us in Canmore at the beautiful Solara Resort & Spa for our 5th annual technology summit where clients can learn, relax, and enjoy.

1-on-1 Opportunities

to sit down with experts

Technology Sessions

offering the latest tips and tricks

Group Excursions

brewery tour, hot springs, dinner


for rooms and events

Solara Resort & Spa

187 Kananaskis Way
Canmore AB, T1W 0A3

Phone: 1.403.609.3600
Website: Click Here
Google Maps: Click Here

Accommodations and training sessions will be held at this location.
Please check-in with your first and last name.

Check-out: 11am
Check-in: 4pm

Call SIRKit if you have any issues during check-in: 1-780-860-3860

An event for you

“We host this event to thank our clients for their continued business and offer complimentary training sessions and 1-on-1 opportunities with our experts. We want you to have the knowledge and advice required to make educated decisions that protect and benefit your business.”

Kris Wilkinson

CEO / Chief Troublemaker Team



Level-3 technicians available for 1-on-1 meetings (Must be booked in advance)


5:00PM Grizzly Paw Brewery Tour ( Pickup in Lobby )
7:00PM Banff Hot Springs (Bus Pickup in front of Grizzly Paw Brewery)
9:30PM Return bus from Banff Hot Springs


All Sessions have a 15 minute break in-between

10:00AM Session 1
10:45AM Session 2
11:30AM Session 3
12:15PM Lunch
1:00PM Session 4
2:00PM Session 5
2:45PM Session 6
3:30PM Session 7
4:00PM Break
6:00PM Dinner ( Bus Pickup in Lobby)
8:30PM Guests are invited to tour Canmore
10:00PM Return bus to resort


Session 1

10:00 AM
Chinook Room

Protecting yourself and your business online

Presenters: Kris Wilkinson & Richard Fullbrook
Technical Level: Low

Are you taking reasonable and necessary steps to protect your personal and businesses information? Not sure if you are at risk? Assume hackers aren’t interested in you because you don’t own a billion dollar business? Curious how they get in? Join Kris and Richard for an informative session on common weaknesses and best practices to protect against them.

In this session, you will learn about the basic steps everyone can take to make sure their company data is kept secure and confidential. Topics will include: Passwords, and picking the right ones, Using security software to mitigate security threats, using the proper hardware, and educating your staff.

Session 2

10:45 AM
Chinook Room

Ransomware and modern threat protection for computers

Presenters: Christopher Phillips & Philip Whaley
Technical Level: Low

Malware is an ever expanding and concerning threat to business and user data alike, and with the rise of ransomware a very expensive threat as well. Philip and Chris will run through what these threats look like and what you need to do to protect yourself.

This session will detail how ransomware can get in to an organization and why it’s so hard to deal with. We’ll discuss the damage it has caused and how costly it can be. We will also cover options to harden your network and improve your security measures and peace of mind.

Session 3

11:30 AM
Chinook Room

A "hands-on" look at new tech from current and emerging vendors

Presenters: Gavin Mader & Shiraz Patel
Technical Level: Low

Like toys and new things? Join Gavin and Shiraz for a hands-on look at new equipment from top vendors like HP, Dell, and Google.

Session 4

1:00 PM
Chinook Room

The latest tools and features from Microsoft Office 365

Presenters: Michael Kulpa & Gavin Mader
Technical Level: Low

Known for very common services such as Email, and Skype for Business, there is a lot more to Microsoft’s Office 365 service. Come watch Michael Kulpa and Gavin Mader give you a brief overview of 15 other apps and services available in 365 such as….

- SharePoint
- OneDrive For Business
- Microsoft To Do
- MileIQ
- Planner
- Sway
- Forms
- Teams

Session 5

2:00 PM
Chinook Room

Tricks & tips using technology to improve your productivity

Presenters: Michael Kulpa & Christopher Phillips
Technical Level: Low

This fast-paced presentation will cover several technologies, apps and topics to help improve your productivity, as well as some neat tips and tricks for common items you’re already familiar with. Everything that will covered is listed below, so be sure to mark those of particular interest, we’d love to follow-up with you after and go into greater detail or answer any questions.

Session 6

2:45 PM
Chinook Room

Monitoring what your employees are doing online

Presenters: Christopher Phillips & Philip Whaley
Technical Level: Low

Technology continues to change at an exceptional pace. As a result, more and more threats are cropping up that can cause serious harm to your business if left unchecked. We’re going to discuss and demonstrate a few simple ways that you can protect yourself, your business and your employees. By putting the appropriate checks and measures in place, you take control of what digital information is flowing in and out of your organization, adding an extra layer of protection.

If your business is already protected by a Sophos firewall, you already have access to the logging and monitoring features that will be discussed in this presentation. If you’d like more information on anything discussed during the presentation, please feel free to grab your Client Team Lead, or any of the L2/L3’s for a one on one discussion to answer questions.

Session 7

3:30 PM
Chinook Room

Protecting your home and family. Tips and tricks.

Presenters: Michael De Yaegher & Gavin Mader
Technical Level: Low

SIRKit keeps your business secure, but what about your home? There is common and simple security practices to be aware of in the home. Come listen to Michael De Yaegher and Gavin Mader give you the heads up on the most important basics

- WiFi Security
- Router Security
- PC Security
- Email Safety

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