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SIRKit Event: Protecting yourself and your business online

Posted 09 May 2018 in SIRKit Live

SIRKit will be hosting free security seminars in BC for business professionals.

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How safe is Public WiFi?

Posted 05 Feb 2018 in IT Security & Advisories, Pro-Tips & How-To, SIRKit Live

Here’s a scenario: You’re in an airport waiting to board your flight. You remember that you need to transfer some funds between bank accounts. You open your laptop and are about to connect to a public WiFi hotspot.

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Ransomware and modern threats

Posted 05 Jan 2018 in SIRKit Live

Criminals have historically held up banks and convenience stores in order to get easy and fast money. But in the digital age, criminals don’t need guns or a getaway car to take your cash.

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