Offsite Backup & Disaster Support

Local & offsite backup services designed to protect your critical information and “launch” live instances of your backups in the event of a disaster.

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Backups housed exclusively in Canada

Our partnership with Altaro provides unparalleled backup services. Monitor and manage everything from an online console. Perform scheduled restore tests, run backups regularly, and relax knowing your information is housed in Edmonton, Canada on the SIRKit360® cloud with AES 256-bit military-grade encryption.

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Pricing includes:
- SIRKit360® cloud storage
- Altaro Backup Software
- Altaro Cloud Console

Amount of space in GB required for offsite backups:
PER month
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Reliable and Simple
Over 40,000 businesses trust Altaro's backup software to protect their interests.
Cloud Management Console (CMC)
Easily monitor, manage, and interact with backups at multiple locations from a browser.
Emergency Server Hosting
Turn your offsite backups into LIVE servers using our cloud, in the event of a disaster.
AES 256-Bit Encryption
Backups are fully encrypted to military-grade standards before being sent offsite.
Image-Based Backups
Full disk backups that capture it all. Documents. Applications. Everything on the disk.
Bandwidth Efficiency
Offsite transfers are limited to changed information only and remain very efficient.
Simple yet Powerful

Altaro has created a robust, agile, streamlined solution that is easy to implement, feature-rich, and lets you run your first virtual machine (VM) backup in minutes.

Easy to use, intuitive user interface
Central pane of glass to monitor and configure backups at all sites
Offsite copies are housed in SIRKit's advanced datacenters
VMWare and Hyper-V Support
Built-in support chat

Altaro VM Backup with augmented inline deduplication drastically reduces your storage and server resource requirements.

Much lower storage costs
Reduced internet bandwidth for offsite backups
Fast backup and restore
Scheduled data integrity tests
Simple sandbox restore tests
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