Accessing vCenter on SIRKit360

Managing your VMs remotely through a web browser

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SIRKit now offers vCenter access to manage your hosted VMs. This allows you to review performance history, reset or power on your VMs, and access a hardware level console should you run into issues. 

In order to access the service, you must be connected to our SSLVPN service and be familiar with the "hosts" file on your local computer. 

How to connect into the management console

  1. Contact to obtain your credentials and confirm that your access is active

  2. Download the VPN software: -> Remote Access -> Download your applicable OS version

  3. Install the downloaded software 

  4. Connect to the VPN with your credentials

    a) On a Windows PC use the "stoplight" icon in the bottom right corner -> right-click -> connect
    b) Enter the username and password supplied by SIRKit
    c) When the stoplights are green, you are successfully connected

  5. Open a command prompt to confirm that you can ping the vCenter server:

    a) Windows Start Button -> Type "Command Prompt" -> right-click the icon and "Run as administrator"
    b) In the command window type "ping" and confirm that it returns an IP Address

  6. If it doesn't, you need to add a DNS record to your local hosts file:

    a) Windows Start Button -> type "notepad" -> right-click the icon and "Run as administrator"
    b) Open file "C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts"
    c) Add the following into the file on a new line: ""
    d) Save
    e) Repeat step number 5) to ensure the address now resolves 

  7. Open Chrome or Mozilla with the latest updates and visit

  8. Login with the credentials provided by SIRKit 

  9. You should now have access to your virtual machines. If you click on each one, additional tabs will be presented with more information. Right-click each virtual machine to reboot, power off, power on, or reset. 

  10. When you are finished, ensure you disconnect from the VPN service by right-clicking the icon by your clock and choosing "disconnect". 
Once you get everything working, you do not need to repeat steps 1-3.

Basic troubleshooting steps

If you have successfully connected to the vCenter interface in the past and you contact our support team, the first thing we will ask you to do is reboot your PC and retry. Please ensure you attempt a reboot before contacting our support team (9/10 times the reboot will fix the issue).  

  • If the vCenter webpage will still not load after a reboot, confirm that you can ping ""
  • If you can access the vCenter webpage but the interface isn't working properly, try using a different browser. We recommend you confirm the browser and all plug-ins, including Adobe Flash, are up-to-date.  
  • If the VPN software repeatedly prompts for a username and password, verify your credentials. You will be locked out automatically for 15 minutes if you fail to login 5 times. 

Please contact or call 1-780-758-5200 if you require assistance. Ensure you let the technician know that you are attempting to connect to vCenter to manage your SIRKit360 hosted servers. 

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